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Markets turmoil and the Italian job

Is there a fierce struggle between France and Germany behind the minuet of the Italian President of the Republic and his refusal to appoint the yellow-green Government? Or, instead, “Salvini and Di Maio are on the Soros’ payroll?”, asks prof. Arrigo, professor of economy (read the full interview on Il Fatto Quotidiano). The “God of …

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Fondo di garanzia – Legge 662/96 – Circolare n. 6/2018: garanzie su portafogli di finanziamenti

E’ stata emanata la Circolare n. 6/2018 con cui Mediocredito Centrale informa che il 10 maggio 2018 è stato pubblicato nella Gazzetta Ufficiale il comunicato di adozione del decreto del Ministro dello Sviluppo Economico 26 aprile 2018, di approvazione delle modalità operative per la concessione della garanzia del Fondo su portafogli di finanziamenti. Lo stesso …

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TTIP Leaks

Greenpeace unveils confindential TTIP papers demonstrating the fierce US position against the interest of citizens and the environment. And for a view on the danger on European interests, see this article by Tavolo Majella.

Is The Bank Of Spain Quietly Pulling Its Gold From Catalonia

From VilaWeb via Zero Hedge (Google translation): This afternoon (09.23.2015) held an unusual movement in the branch of the Bank of Spain, Barcelona, Catalonia Square. Over thirty armored vans were entering and leaving the building shortly after an unknown direction. Many people have the photographs. The Bank of Spain has refused to comment on the …

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Are the Greek Government’s goals so far from Troika’s?

“The current disagreements with our partners are not unbridgeable. Our government is eager to rationalize the pension system (for example, by limiting early retirement), proceed with partial privatization of public assets, address the non-performing loans that are clogging the economy’s credit circuits, create a fully independent tax commission, and boost entrepreneurship. The differences that remain …

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Economic inequality in the USA

If you want to know more about the perception of inequality by US citizens, and how far it is distant from reality, you must read the work of Nick Fitz, a graduate student at the National Core for Neuroethics at the University of British Columbia, on Scientific american, to discover the real conditions are far …

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Fondo di Garanzia PMI: circolare di rettifica dell’efficacia contributiva

E’ stata emanata la Circolare n. 6 del 30 marzo 2015 con la quale Banca del Mezzogiorno – MedioCredito Centrale, mandataria del RTI gestore, comunica l’aggiornamento dei quadri riassuntivi dell’efficacia contributiva degli interventi del Fondo di Garanzia per le Pmi di cui alla Parte VII delle Disposizioni Operative. La variazione fa seguito alla rettifica del …

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