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Next winners in the global economy

Who is going to win the global competition between old and new economies? Dani Rodrik’s insight, professor at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, provides a three condition scenario for relative growth: “those that do relatively better will share three characteristics. First, they will not be weighed down by high levels of public debt. Second, …

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Employment and growth in Italy

Federico Fubini illustrates on Corriere della Sera recent data from Eurostat, and shows two of major gaps of the Italian economy: the share of working people out of population (36,8%), which is very far from the EU average (and the worst after the Greek 33,4%) and is much higher than the official unemployment rate (10,8%); …

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The Economic History of the Last 2000 Years

The Atlantic reports an interesting history of the world economy, from a JP Morgan research. In the article, you can find other graphs showing the average GDP per capita in different Counties and areas, and a summary of the research explainin the economic trends, before and after the Industrial Revolution.